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Calamus Half Century Bike Tour 

Route: 1st 1/3 of the route is new pavement, US 96 to US 183!

1. Exit the parking lot of Burwell High School (190 I St), head west on I St


2. Continue on I St until 8th Ave, turn right


3. Follow 8th Ave and turn left onto Grand Ave (The Square)


4. Exit to the left on G St and follow until Hwy 96, turn right


5. Follow Hwy 96 until intersects with Hwy 183 (approx. 19 miles), turn left onto Hwy 183


6. Follow Hwy 183 South through Taylor NE, turn left onto Hwy 91 (approx. 12 miles)


7. Continue on Hwy 91 until 8th Ave, turn left (approx. 13 miles)

8. Follow 8th Ave to Grand Ave (The Square), turn right


9. Finish at the Pizza Palace, 204 Grand Avenue, for lunch!


Burwell, NE

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